Welcome Nolan & Sarah-Joy

This gallery can be a bit confusing for some so:
The first Image that is very narrow is the cover... and stretches from back to front so the image is on the front of the book.
The second image (the flowers) is a stand alone page (on right when you open cover)
Just as the last image is a stand alone page at the end of the book. (Left side with end of book cover on right)
The rest of the images are actually full spread from left to right.
(Spreads are like in a book...one page is on the left one is on the right)

I know it can be hard to imagine the layout but hope it makes some sense for you.

If you'd like your vow's or anything else written in the book let me know.

You get two revisions which can be used to change images from color to black and white or to ask for images to be on certain pages... also I prefer a very clean background so I always do albums with either a black or white backdrop and a clean line around the image. If you'd prefer the book had white backgrounds or something else let me know.

Once your done proofing the book should take about a week to come in... :)
This gallery is empty.