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Thank you SO much for your interest.

I love meeting people and I love learning all about you.
On each of the other tabs there are a few basic packages, if you don't see a perfect fit...don't worry about it, instead lets talk and figure out what exactly your looking for and build you a perfect package for your needs.
Let's be honest it's not just price that matters, when it comes to your wedding or your baby’s birth you want to make sure that the person stalking you all day is someone you want in your space while you experience such a beautiful moment in your life.

So let’s talk…

You want that beautiful canvas up on your wall? I can set that up and order it for you. Looking for a million 4x6 or wallet pictures to hand out to your family and the mailman? I can do that for you and build in a discount for a quantity order. Planning your wedding and want all day coverage with the perfect Leather Album… or wait maybe some photobooks for your parents or even an amazing Canvas for over your fireplace? I can build you the perfect package for that. Or you can check out some of the packages that have worked for past clients and we can customize it to your budget and wish list.

The thing is not everyone wants what you want. So instead of trying to find a box that fits you… let me build you the perfect package that includes everything you want.

So don’t stop here… send me a message…text me…call me…EMAIL ME!! I want to hear from you. Let’s talk.

Michelle - 780-919-6691 - [email protected]