Luciddream Photography operates out of St. Albert and Edmonton and is a fully licensed and insured company which is owned and operated by Michelle.

Who’s Michelle?

It's a good question, I started my love of photography young.  I got my first film camera when I was about 8, it had tiny film that stretched across a tiny reel.  After that I moved up to a 35mm camera where I took great shots without heads and photos of random fuzzy things.

In junior high and high school, I learned to use a dark room and made some not so amazing images.  When I “grew up” I went to university and got a Bachelor of Commerce degree…never forgetting how much I loved photography.  After university I just knew I was not meant to be a programmer and I worked for years at photo counter and photo lab while I went to post-secondary again but this time for Photography. 

I did a year in the Digital Art program at what's now called MacEwan University then I focused on Photography and in 2004 got a Diploma in Photographic Technologies from NAIT.

I have been honing my skills as a Photographer and photo editor since 2003. I have worked full time for a big studio and I have built Luciddream Photography from the ground up.

In 2012 I welcomed my first beautiful daughter into the world and fell in love with the beauty of birth. I added birth photography and trained to be a doula and added these services to Luciddream.

I have always believed that weddings are an amazing day for Love, as two people join and share their lives and families until death do they part. Then comes birth…birth is huge... It's a life changer!

Because of "Love" a new set of eyes open. They see a new family. A first breath is taken and Love, in its truest form, blossoms. A Birth can never be recreated. Capturing birth is about capturing the love that exists as a family grows. It's intimate, personal and beautiful.

So who am I? Why hire me?

I'm a trained Photographer and doula with a Passion for Art, I love capturing the "Love" in this world! It's not about the camera, the technology or even about pushing a button it's about using my experience and training to capture Love where it lives and grows.  It’s about using my skills and experience to help your moments go smoothly and about capturing your memories for you.  Because of this I'm a Wedding, Birth and Family Photographer.

I love working with my clients to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for. Even customizing special packages and prices for those on a budget.

Contact me today to see what I can do for you!