Lactation Services

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I am proud to add Lactation Services to my offerings.  I started this long road years ago by photographing birth, but I couldn't just stand there in the corner and not help in someway.  I watched the midwifes and doulas support their clients with love and non-judgement and knew there was a better way for moms to have their babies.  I then went to hospital births and watched the staff there do the best they could within a very scientific approach to birth and I knew that mom's deserved more.  They deserved to be informed, to know more about what to expect and they should have a resource that's there to help them make informed choices.  So I became a doula and added those services to what I offer.  But again it wasn't enough.  I watched first time mom's be handed babies.  They knew they were going to have a baby and somehow that's where "the plan" ended, often with the words "wishes to breastfeed".  And again I watched the support staff do their best to help mom's breastfeed.  But the statistics show that moms go home, and without that support the breastfeeding stops there.  Our society is getting better but we still hideaway breastfeeding moms, we offer cover-ups, and private nursing spaces...we hide it away and first time moms don't even know what it looks like to breastfeed.  Mom's don't know what to do to get their milk levels up, they don't know what a good latch looks like, they don't know what to expect for soiled diapers and they don't know what to do when things aren't going smoothly. 

I wanted to be able to help my clients with that next step.  Breastfeeding is huge, it not just choosing between two equal choices, breastfeeding and formula feeding are not equal.  Absolutly sometimes the only choice is formula and we are lucky to have that choice, but it shouldn't be first choice. 


Did you know:

Breast milk reduces:

allergies, colds, infections and other health problems.

It also boosts the baby’s immune system, protecting them from illnesses.

Breast-fed babies have lower rates of:

ear infections, eczema, diarrhea, lower respiratory tract infections, sudden infant death syndrome, obesity, leukemia and childhood diabetes. 

Mothers who breast-feed have lower rates of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.


So with this in mind I became a Certified Lactation Counselor through ALPP

What is a CLC? In ALPP's words:

The CLC - Certified Lactation Counselor

The Certified Lactation Counselor® (CLC®) certification identifies a professional in lactation counseling who has demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to provide breastfeeding counseling and management support to families who are thinking about breastfeeding or who have questions or problems during the course of breastfeeding/lactation.

CLCs are dedicated to the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding and human lactation in their work to prevent and solve breastfeeding problems. They understand that breastfeeding works best when it is the cultural norm and when the provider of lactation support and services is culturally competent.

CLCs come from a variety of different educational and employment backgrounds, including mothers, peer counselors, educators, nurses, childbirth educators, doulas, nutritionists, dieticians, midwives, physicians, social workers, public health workers, public administrators, and many others. CLCs work in obstetric and pediatric practice settings, hospitals, public health programs, and independent practices.

CLCs work within a counseling model, understanding that breastfeeding decisions are made by the mother, who may have values and goals different from the counselor. CLCs work as part of the health care team, ensuring appropriate referrals and recommendations.


Certified Lactation Counselor Support.


Breastfeeding Preparation

Group Class $150 (Couple) or Private Class $250 (Couple)

Classes are offered as either one 4 hour class on a weekend or two 2 hour classes on weeknights.

Contact to get more information on Breastfeeding Preparation Classes.


Breastfeeding Support $500

Support Package: 2 hour meeting to cover some of the basics of breastfeeding and what to expect.

In hospital or home support to help get breastfeeding off to a great start in the first 24 hours post birth and again within 10 days of birth.

On Call support via text/email and phone for the first two weeks of babies life.


Breastfeeding Consultation and Help $350

Support Package:  2 visits in the first 10 days of life to help get breastfeeding off to a great start. Follow up support for the first two weeks via text and email.


Looking for something else or support on your current situation:  $150 for initial visit and $100 for additional visits.