Each "family" gets 5 images included in your session to a total of 20 images. That being said talk to each other so that your ordering 20 unique images as all 20 images will be made available for download all together once edited.
It's $30 each additional photo.

If your interested in any print products let me know, great prices on any sized print or photobooks.

Pick your images and either save online under favorites (Kyle and Amber know how) and send favorites to photographer or just send me a list of the image numbers.

Large Group photos as always can be challenging, I did include multiples of each of the group shots but for the big shot I'll likely be doing a few head swaps. Pick the main image you like with the fewest swaps and then let me who you want "helped". If you don't see a "head" you like in the gallery let me know and I'll go back to the others and see if there is a better head for a particular child/adult.

All images in the gallery have basic color and density correction only. There will be some fine tuning on acne or dark circles under eyes.

Can't wait to see which you all pick.
This gallery is empty.