Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.

WEM Thank you for making Luciddream Photography part of your 2018 Christmas Memories.
Your gift 5x7 family print will be ready for pick up starting December 21 from West Edmonton Mall Human Resources – by the Waterpark.
-The Office may close at noon on the 21 so be sure to pick up your image before then.

Emailed small copies of the image chosen for you will be out by the 20th of December. If you did not get your emailed copy please send me a email.

Luciddream Photography picked the best image for your family and that will be the one emailed to you you can also see a quick copy on here should you want to order additional print copies right away.

If you would like to order additional images you can order by sending a email to [email protected]

Additional Orders will not be ready until the week of January 7-11 due to the print lab being closed over Christmas.

Prices are based on sheet prices and are $25 each.
A sheet can be one of the following options:
a) 1 8x10
b) 2 5x7’s
c) 1 5x7 & 2 4x5’s
d) 4 4x5’s
e) 3 4x6’s
f) 8 wallets

Images can be ordered with or without the boarder and can be ordered in color or in black & white. All images will be edited for color and density.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].