Luciddream Photography | Steen Christmas 2017

With your mini session there are 5 digital images in color and black and white.

If you'd like to add any additional images or print products you can find the prices at

It's just $100 to bump your session from 5 images to 10 images.

Let me know which you'd like by either creating a favorites list and choosing share with photographer or you can write down your favorite's numbers and send via email or text 780-919-6691

I can also make a combo image if there isn't one with the whole family that you love...I just need to know which images to combine. There are some images in the gallery that I included because I believe that they are a great match for one that's in the gallery that has almost everyone perfect. There are some images that didn't go into the gallery as they are duplicates...but I can use them if we are hunting the perfect look for someone. The images must also be the same posing... :)

I'm excited to see which ones you choose and to work with you on any print items you might love.

Remember digital images on a computer don't look as nice as picture on the wall. ;)