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Sheri and Tyrel welcome to your gallery.

Your package includes all these images on USB as well as a photobook containing 100 Images.

Your book holds 100 images, so go through the gallery and find the 100 images you LOVE LOVE, or want included. Once that's done you can tag them as your favorites then choose share with photographer, OR you can write down the numbers of the images and send me a email with those numbers.

Once you have sent me the images it will be about 6-8 weeks and I'll have a proof ready for the book for you to view. Please let me know 2-3 of your favorites so that I can pick the best for what works for your cover.

I look forward to seeing which images you' choose. :)
Thank you again for choosing me to capture your beautiful day and when you have time I'd love a review that I can add to my webpage or a review on