Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.

It was a pleasure working with all of you again and a first time with your beautiful little people.

With your two packages you get 25 images each, so that's a total of 50 images. Kyle knows the options with the books as the packages were set up to be each with a book of 25 images. So either two books can be done each with 25 or the type of book can be swapped to allow the full 50 images to be in two identical books. Or an additional charge to have the 50 in the original style of book, with two copies.
There are a few options.

For the 50 images please decide which you'd all like. In the cases of the large group photos I narrowed it down to the best of them, but did keep some of the other shots that had different expressions on the kids face so that if wanted I can do some "head swaps" :) Let me know.

I look forward to seeing which 50 images you choose and what approach on the books works best for all of you.