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Thank you so much for choosing Luciddream Photography to capture your fall images.

Your mini session package includes 5 digital images in color and black & white. You can pick your 5 images and either create a favorites list and let me know that its done or you can send me a PM on facebook with the 5 image numbers. Images take about a week to be edited and will be supplied via dropbox download.

I look forward to seeing which images you pick. Additional images can be ordered at $30/each,
OR: 5 additional images for $100, 15 additional images for $200
or your favorite 20 images (5 original and 15 additional) all in a little 6x6 book for $350

Galleries stay up for a minimum of two weeks, after that if removed there is a upload fee of $50, so please make your order soon.

Thanks you, and I look forward to seeing what you choose.